Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Twelve Bakes of Christmas!

Finally... we have SNOW! I don't know about you but where I am we had our first snow today (at long last), YAY! I know lots of people who hate snow and all the cold and frosty mornings that it brings, but I love snow; so today was a great day! I also thought that seen as today was the first day of proper winter (CHRISTMAS) weather, that today would be a good day to begin my "Twelve Bakes of Christmas" my very own tribute to the Christmas season! As the name suggests over the next few weeks I will be baking and creating twelve delicious bakes for Christmas. I don't really want to add the usual Christmas fruit cake or Christmas pudding to my Christmas bake list because they're the classics! This is a list dedicated to a few of my (many) winter bakes; things that I think are just perfect for snacking on whilst watching Christmas specials on telly, or big puddings to share with family and friends!

Much love Alex-Rose xxx

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