Sunday, 24 February 2013


Apologies first, to anyone who has been on today things might have been a little "odd" as I'm changing things around. Time for a change, hope you like; not done just yet though xx

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Oreo Cupcakes

Well, ages and ages ago when this blog looked very different and had only like 3 posts (ever!), I did a post about Bourbon cupcakes, in it I say that I got the idea from a cake that I had eaten in the past, ever since I ate that cupcake (containing an Oreo) I have been meaning to get round to making a version of them. Just to note as well, the Chocolate bourbon post was the first post that I ever got a comment on and I would like to thank anybody who has commented for all the lovely things they have said.

These Oreo cupcakes are made up of a chocolate cupcake mixture from The Hummingbird Bakery, with a regular sized Oreo biscuit inside the cake mixture (whilst baking) the cakes are finally topped with a piped swirl of vanilla butter icing and a mini Oreo.

Does anyone have any other Oreo bakes?

Much Love Alex-Rose xxx

Ps. This is the bourbon post:

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Banana and Chocolate chip Oatie Muffins

Today's been one of those grey days; nothing much happening, not sure what to do; the weather's all grey, so outside doesn't seen all that appealing and there was some, rather, old bananas wasting away in the fruit bowl (urg.) so there was only one thing to do; banana muffins!

I wasn't feeling particularly adventurous so I just decided to stick with a recipe from "The Muffin Book" (Muffins-Fast and Fantastic by Susan Reimer, think I've talked about it before?) I say this in "quotations" because it is the only muffin book I own and the only one I have ever used; it's really good so I don't see any point in buying another! Anyway, in the end I went with Banana and Oat muffins, adding the optional chocolate chips. I'm really glad I did just stick simple because they are heavenly; I swear I was nearly drooling as the baked, the smell was gorgeous! They aren't dainty but who cares, it's the taste that counts!

Lets hope the weather cheers up soon, but until then cheer yourself up with these tasty muffins. xxx

Much love Alex-Rose xxx

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Chocolate Bourbon Bisciuts

Well, I had a lovely day today. Who would have thought you could have had so much fun making biscuits? We had a friend over today and had a lot of giggles making bourbons with cookie cutters, just to name a few, we created mini Scottie dogs, bunny rabbits, and a whole army of pigs as well as one of darleks (As in from Doctor Who). I think we must have spent a good couple of hours, rolling out and cutting different animals, endless entertainment...

The only thing I would say is, they recipe does make A LOT of biscuits,we were okay because we sent the darleks and piggies away with our friend, so there wasn't SO many to eat; not that, that isn't a good thing...

A few of the animals
Porky and Percy, soon to be stuck together!

And that wasn't all of them!
Much love Alex-Rose xxxx

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

White Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes

Well, I'm not really a valentines day kinda girl but this is my designated "Valentines Day bake". That doesn't mean if you bake them they must be for Valentines day, alternatively you could just make them because they're tasty. The cupcakes are iced with white chocolate frosting from the Primrose bakery book, you could just use regular butter icing but the white chocolate is a lovely alternative.They're not flash or complicated but it's simple and effective, anyone and everyone likes cupcakes so you cant really go wrong. By adding the white chocolate frosting the cupcakes become a little bit more special.

Hope you all have a lovely valentines day!

Alex-Rose xxx

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Happy Pancake day all! Hope you had a lovely time feasting on delicious pancakes, we certainly did. I love pancakes, you can have so many different types of pancake... sweet, savoury, thick (definitely my favourite) or thin; you cant go wrong with pancakes. This year I decided to branch out from the normal, just plain pancakes, and add something different, rolled oats and cranberries with golden syrup (OF-COURSE! I have such a sweet tooth...). Yes, yes I know, they're not that unconventional and out of the ordinary but pancakes are pancakes and they're just too nice to change drastically! But you could add anything you like to your pancakes, or just drown them in syrup, lemon, or sugar xxx

Have you got any delicious pancake flavours? Happy Pancake day! xxx

Much love Alex-Rose xxx
Ps. In the background is the other flavour I made, almond and raspberry. xx

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Friday, 8 February 2013

An Adventure

So I've been very busy this evening baking some of my favourite treats to take on our adventure. Well, maybe that's pushing it a bit... we're going on a trip to Scotland! Yay! Kind of an adventure? So anyway I have been spending my Friday evening baking delicious chocolatey things. Now, just a note, I know I've made these before and made variations of them before, but,  they are just so good; and make great presents! So the yummy adventure bakes are... Chocolate chip and hazelnut brownies as well as peanut butter squares.

Enjoy any of your adventures, have fun and eat cake. But you wont be hearing from me again this weekend, as I will be far to busy doing all that myself!

Here's some pictures and the recipes again,

All boxed up!
Much love Alex-Rose

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Chocolate Whoopie Pies

As you can see by the title, I've been making whoopie pies; so so yummy! I am fairly new to them and have only made them twice, they are so lovely, moist and light but super chocolatey at the same time -how is that possible? I was a little worried that the end result would be a bit messy, but it turned out just right, phew! By drawing on a guide it was really easy to get the sizes the same. My only regret is putting a regular amount of butter cream in, as a butter cream addict I thought they could have used some more, but my friends devoured them all with no complaint. I think they liked them!

These delicious chocolatey delights, look gorgeous as a gift (wrap a stack in ribbon, put in a cellophane bag) or, as I did, share with your friends. Trust me, they'll be greatly appreciated!

Much love Alex Rose xxx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Iced Fingers

I've been making iced fingers for a couple of years now and have been meaning to put them on the blog since the day I started it; so here they are! The sun is (finally!) out, and the sky is blue so it's really beginning to feel like winters on it's way out. Bring on the sunshine! Iced splits are such a lovely summer food, so while we fight off the last of the cold treat enjoy a little taste of summer. They take a whole afternoon to make but the actual method isn't hard and the result is well your time! xxx

Much love Alex-Rose xxxx