Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Happy Pancake day all! Hope you had a lovely time feasting on delicious pancakes, we certainly did. I love pancakes, you can have so many different types of pancake... sweet, savoury, thick (definitely my favourite) or thin; you cant go wrong with pancakes. This year I decided to branch out from the normal, just plain pancakes, and add something different, rolled oats and cranberries with golden syrup (OF-COURSE! I have such a sweet tooth...). Yes, yes I know, they're not that unconventional and out of the ordinary but pancakes are pancakes and they're just too nice to change drastically! But you could add anything you like to your pancakes, or just drown them in syrup, lemon, or sugar xxx

Have you got any delicious pancake flavours? Happy Pancake day! xxx

Much love Alex-Rose xxx
Ps. In the background is the other flavour I made, almond and raspberry. xx

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Pancakes -Adapted from Jamie Oliver

The recipe is so easy , all you need is a small mug, a large(ish) jug, plain flour, 1 egg, and milk, toppings and fillings as well though. Measure 1 mug full of milk and pour it into the jug, then crack the egg into the milk,  finally measure 1 mug of flour and pour that into the milk mix. Whisk until totally lump free with an electric whisk and your pancake batter is complete! Heat a small amount of oil in a frying pan and use a ladle to spoon a small circle of batter into the centre of the pan, do not swirl if you want a thick pancake. Immediately after drop a small handful of oats onto the top of the wet pancake batter and then add dried or fresh cranberries/berries. Cook as normal and eat warm with syrup.

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