Sunday, 25 November 2012

Breakfast Time!

Pancakes really are the royalty of breakfast time; king or queen? I'm not sure which! This morning was particularly dreary and grey... but inside we were warm and happy with a plate full of golden pancakes! Drizzled in syrup and scattered with frozen raspberries (yes frozen! They are delicious and keep really well) they were heavenly! The recipe is so easy too, all you need is a small mug, a large(ish) jug, plain flour, 1 egg, and milk. Measure 1 mug full of milk and pour it into the jug, then crack the egg into the milk,  finally measure 1 mug of flour and pour that into the milk mix. Whisk until totally lump free with an electric whisk and your pancake batter is complete! There is much debate within our house as to which is better, thick pancakes or, thin pancakes, big pancakes, or little ones! But the beauty of this batter is that it will make all different variations of pancake to suit all different needs. If your wondering, I am definitely on the small, but thick pancake team!

Much love Alex-Rose xxxx

PS. Only 1 month until CHRISTMAS! How time flies? xxx

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