Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Brrrrrrr, I don't know about you but I certainly feel that winter's on it's way, dark, cold and freezing! So there's nothing better than something sweet and easy to warm you up. S'mores are a perfect tasty treat for cold winter days, and great party food too! I personally have never had s'mores that were cooked (well... not cooked but... heated) on a camp fire but I've heard people say that's where they are normally made. So if you; like me, don't always have a fire to hand then you can make them just as well in a microwave and I'm guessing you could make them under the grill too (but I've never tried it myself). I'm kind of guessing here but I think that S'mores originate from America, and my first experience of them was at my American friend's house, the classic recipe uses American Graham crackers which aren't available in the UK! So here in England I use either cream crackers or rich tea biscuits, they work just as well! S'mores taste good, are easy to make, and look good too, but as well as all that they are kind of exiting to make in the microwave because the marshmallows expand and billow out then when you take them out of the microwave they will shrink back but are still gooey and chooey and YUMMY! Try them for yourself!

Much love Alex-Rose xxx

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