Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Banana and Raspberry Smoothies


This is an unplanned post as I hadn't really intended to bake or make anything today but found myself making smoothies... Does this happen to anyone else, or is it just me? Whilst trying to avoid doing boring things I end up spontaneously making something? 

I must admit though, I'm very glad that I did as smoothies are one of my all time favourite things and are just so easy to make, but the result is Amazing! With a sprinkle of oats on top Raspberry and Banana smoothies are like heaven in a glass... or milk bottle!

I found this cute bottle in the local Cook Shop a couple of months ago and it looks just too adorable in these pictures, but its one of those things that I own but just never know what to do with? 

I have so many cute jars and bowls and tins that would be lovely ways to present bakes but I just can't get them right... Oh well, I suppose that practise is a good excuse for baking more! 

This smoothie is Banana and Raspberry flavoured but smoothies are so versatile that you can swap the flavours around to suit what fruits you've got in the house. All you need is, a good handful of chopped fruit or berries, one banana, two tablespoons of plain yoghurt, a blender and oats to serve it with. Throw the fruit and yoghurt into the blender and blitz until smooth them pour into a glass and top with oats! 

For a twist on smoothie you could add ice cream and then lemonade to form what as a child we used to call "Foaming Volcanoes" I'm sure they have an actual name but that's what we used to call them. Putting Ice cream and smoothie with lemonade sounds like a disaster but trust me its delicious. *WARNING* Your Volcano will foam and froth quite a lot so make sure your glass is plenty big enough!

What do you do to waste time when you have something boring to do?

Much love Alex-Rose xx


  1. I do the same thing! When trying to avoid some other tedious task, I usually end up baking or sewing. A smoothie sounds awfully good right now!!

  2. I love the photos in this post, the smoothie looks so yummy!
    And healthy, yay!

    Leah x x

    1. Thanks! It does look very pink in the pictures.. healthy is always a bonus! xx

  3. I love drinking smoothies! I need to try this one, looks relish! <3 My favorite is strawberry banana smoothie with frozen vanilla yoghurt! :))


    1. Yum! Frozen yoghurt is delicious, especially Ben & Jerry's! Xx

  4. Looks so yummy, love a good smothie in the morning!

    Pipp xx