Friday, 12 April 2013

A Day In The Life.

This post is a bit different, after seeing this on many other blogs I decided to give the "photo an hour" post a go. It turned out to be more difficult than I had expected so I'm very sorry that I missed out a couple of hours... I would have liked to have uploaded this yesterday but by the evening I was too busy drowning in essay notes... But anyway, here's what I did yesterday!

9:00 Breakfast! Chopped fruit with yoghurt, granola and a hot chocolate on the side because I can't stand tea or coffee!

10:00 Ready for a dog walk! Doc. Martins, I love them <3
11:00 Dog walking with Barney, or more dog swimming... 
Ok, ok so it was meant to be one photo an hour, but he's just too sweet...
And another... but just look at the ears!
12:00 Quick stop for another hot chocolate...

1:00 Lunch! Vegetable soup with tomatoes and toast.
2:00 This cute thing, Titch our cat and resident pillow stealer, came to visit me.
And another, if you haven't noticed by now I kind of have a soft spot for the pets. They're just too cute...
3:00 The final layer of the millionaires shortbread I was making is added.

Terribly sorry as at 4 and 5 O'clock I totally forgot to take any pictures so we'll just have to skip straight to 6 O'clock.
6:00 I was making tea at this point and the picture shows some of our roasted peppers as for tea I was making roasted peppers with chicken goujons and spicy couscous. Delicious!

7:00 Taking pictures of the finished Millionaires Shortbread, and I can confirm that it is absolutely gorgeous! 
8:00 Snuggled down with the laptop to continue essay writing... and getting distracted... again. 
This isn't really anything to do with baking but I want to incorporate more of a lifestyle element to the blog and this felt like a good thing to start with. I hope you've enjoyed this little nosy into my life and I promise that I do actually leave the house for more than just a dog walk on a daily basis it just happened that today I ended up spending a lot of time as a house slug! Do let me know if you would like more posts in a similar style to this? 

Much love Alex-Rose xxx


  1. This is such a cute post :)
    I am an absolute softy when it comes to my pets too!

    1. Thanks, what pets do you have? xx

  2. Oh my gosh - your cat and god are both absolutely gorgeous, can definitely understand the soft spot ;)

    1. haha, thanks! I have to say, I do agree... they are little beauties xx

  3. You definitely should do more of these posts/lifestyle ones! It was so cute, I actually havent seen it floating about on other blogs. Also, that shortbread looks amazing

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    1. Thank you, I definitely enjoyed the challenge and have a couple of ideas in mind, so you may see some things quite similar to this coming by the blog very soon! I definitely recommend it, xxx

      Ps. I think it was kind of a phase a couple months back and I wanted to try it out but had to wait until I had the time xx