Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cloudy Skies

Well, I know this is a BAKING blog, but I just couldn't resist the temptation to share my lovely new painted nails with you all. The weather at the moment has been rather dull, cold and drizzly  the only exception from the greyness was Saturday morning when we were greeted by SNOW! Yes, I really mean it! Snow, in OCTOBER! It's not even been Halloween and we've already had snow! I really am feeling christmassy already! So I think it's fair to say that autumn/winter has officially set in, so as a final goodbye to what has been a rather cloudy summer I painted my nails as cloudy blue skies! Really anyone can do them because, well, lets just say I'm not exactly the best at painting nails... but these looked great! All you need is blue, clear and white nail varnish and some cotton pads, first paint two coats of blue and then leave then to dry, next paint some white onto a cotton pad and then (quickly so that the paint doesn't dry) sponge onto your nails! Some of the fluff from the cotton pads may transfer onto your nail, that's fine just pick it off, wait a little while for the white to dry and then paint over with your top coat, all done! Enjoy! 

Much love Alex-Rose xxxx